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Biology Diet Research

Research s specific diet (Mediterranean diet), an eating disorder (anorexia), a disease caused by a particular diet (arteriosclerosis). You are to collect data and information and discuss in your paper the dietary requirements of that diet or disorder. Be sure to include what types of organic nutrients are included or excluded. In addition, you are to compare this diet to the suggested USDA  food guide pyramid servings and decide if this diet is a nutritionally sound diet. If you are studying a disorder, you must explain what is lacking in their nutrition causing the disorder. Be sure to back up your opinion. this will be a cooperative effort with 3-4 students in each group.

1. Research Paper:   2-3 pages long; MLA format. At least three different sources are to be cited. Be careful not to plagiarize!. (50 pts).

2. On a large poster draw a food guide pyramid describing the food groups that are included in your chosen diet (50 pts).

3. Oral presentation of 3 minutes in length (50 pts.)

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