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Social Studies Department

2008 AP Government Summer Reading Assignment


Quick Questions- Write a short paragraph explaining your point of view or current knowledge of the following questions?


What are the differences between political parties?


Do our elected officials truly represent all of our needs in Washington D.C.?


What is the true purpose of government?  Why do we need it?


Answer the following question in a 2 page response. 


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement:  The American form of government is the best government on Earth?  (If you disagree, whose is the best?)

AP History


Read, outline, & take notes on the first 3 chapter on the American Pageant book.  Complete a written DBQ on the Chesapeake and New England Colonies.  Start Major assignment # 1 in the course syllabus.


·         The course syllabus will be available in handout form in the main office.

·         The DBQ, must be written or typed (5 paragraph English standard), but can always be longer.  The DBQ Question may incorporate sections of Chapter 4 & 5 in it.  We will be going over Chapter 4 & 5 the first weeks of school.


ESSAY QUESTION -  Compare the colonial settlements that developed along the Chesapeake and in New England.  Use your book and supplemental material to provide specific details on each colonial settlement.  For each be sure to describe the folowing:  (a.)  lifestyle of the inhabitants, (b)  basic economic systems, (c) political organization, & (d) describe the attributes of each colony as well as there downfalls.


This work is due on the first day, NO EXCEPTIONS!


(You need to see or email Mr.Banta to arrange a pick up of your AP History Textbooks.) 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


US II History Honors Summer Work.


Project 1

What is the Gilded Age?


Create a timeline of important events which have occurred from the start of reconstruction through the Gilded Aged (1865-1890’s).


Project 2


Create a mini-biography (1 page minimum each) on three of the following people.  When concluding your biography, be sure to have a statement that explains how the person fits into the Gilded Age.


Thomas Edison

Andrew Carnegie

John D. Rockefeller

Cornelius Vanderbilt

J.P. Morgan

Booker T. Washington

Jane Addams

Samuel Gompers


Essay 1

Write a 5-paragraph essay answering the following question.  What were the causes and consequences of the Spanish-American war?  Explain how America enters the Imperialist arena by the conclusion of the war.


U.S. History I Honors


Your summer work is to do independent research (if necessary) & use information you have already learned to complete two five paragraph essays.


·         Compare and Contrast the similarities and differences of the War in Iraq (present) to the U. S. Civil War which occurred in America from 1861-1865.  Be sure to include leaders, economical-political reasons as well as the sentiment of all sides involved (militarily and civilian).

·         Compare the similarities and differences of the United
States today, to Great Britain during the 16th-17th century.   What was the goal of the British Empire 16th-17th century?  Was it similar to what the U.S. has in mind today?  Elaborate on world domination politically, economically, and the
military. (Especially the ways the World looks at the United States today)


Both will be collected on the first day class meets.  NO EXCEPTIONS




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