Honors Academy

In the Honors Academy at Manchester Regional High School, students partake in a learning community that dedicates itself to high levels of academic achievement. The students in this cohort immerse themselves in a rigorous yet engaging frame of coursework that seeks to assuredly prepare them for success at the collegiate level.
A tremendous advantage of this Academy is that students enrolled in the program have the potential of earning as many as 39 college credits by taking and passing Advanced Placement exams, and dual-enrollment through Passaic County Community College, credits which are accepted at New Jersey colleges and universities including Rutgers, The College of New Jersey, Montclair State, and William Paterson, as well as some out-of-state institutions. Many Manchester Alumni have entered their first year of college with sophomore college status.
The demanding and engaging AP and Honors courses have helped Manchester students get accepted to and attend Ivy League colleges, and we are excited to build upon this level of excellence. This is a great program of study for motivated students with a strong work ethic.
 Our Motto: Student Achievement is Our Top Priority
The Honors Academy is for students who meet the entrance criteria, which includes:
  •  90% (A) average or higher in subject area(s) after the 1st quarter of grade 8 and the final grade of grade 7
  •  Teacher recommendation
Students who do not meet the grade criteria of a 90% (A) or better after the 1st quarter of grade 8 and the final grade of grade 7 may appeal to have his/her grades averaged at the end of the 3rd Marking Period of 8th grade. At such time, if the grade average is a 90% (A) or above, the student, will qualify for participation
  •  Parent meeting with school counselor to sign Honors Academy Agreement form. 
Honors Academy Sample Schedules

9th Grade 10th Grade
Honors English 1
Honors Geometry
Honors World Cultures
Honors Biology
French or Spanish 1
PE & Health 1
Financial Literacy (1/2 year)
PSAT ELA Prep (1/4 year)
PSAT Math Prep (1/4 year)
1 Elective
Honors English 2
Honors Algebra 2
Honors US History 1
Honors Chemistry
French or Spanish 2
SAT LA Prep (1/2 year)
SAT Math Prep (1/2 year)
2 Electives

11th Grade 12th Grade
Composition 1 & 2 (honors weight and dual-enrollment)
Honors Pre-Calculus (honors weight and dual-enrollment)
Honors US History 2
AP Government & Politics
Honors Physics
Honors French or Spanish 3 (French for dual-enrollment)
2 Electives
(possible 15 college credits)
AP English Language
AP Calculus
AP Statistics
AP US History
AP Biology
Criminal Justice (1/2 year, dual-enrollment)
Sociology (1/2 year, dual-enrollment)
Honors French or Spanish 4 (French for dual-enrollment)
1 Elective
(possible 24 college credits)
Any student in the Honors Academy can earn up to 39 college credits before graduation via dual-enrollment and AP exams.