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Academy of Visual and Performing Arts

The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts at Manchester Regional High School advances Manchester’s rich history of dedication to the performing and visual arts through comprehensive coursework intended to develop students' theatrical, vocal, instrumental, technological, and creative arts skills. The instructors within this academy focus on both the academic and artistic aspects of their respective fields of study so that students are knowledgeable regarding all aspects of these artistic doctrines. Additionally, students within this academy will have the opportunity to perform in theatrical productions, vocal performances, produce MRHS-TV content, design theatrical sets, and display their work in artistic showcases. Students within this academy typically form a tight-knit and supportive learning community that is augmented by the passionate direction of our artistic instructors.
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Visual Arts
Materials & Design 1
Materials & Design 2
Art 1
Art 2
Art 3
PC Graphics 1
PC Graphics 2
PC Graphics 3

Performing Arts
Dramatic Arts
Beginning Band
Beginning Band, Keyboard
Beginning Band, Percussion
General Chorus
Concert Choir
Music Theory