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Academy of Business Course Descriptions

Introduction to Business
Grades 9-12, Credits 1.25-5.00
An introductory course planned to introduce students to the functions and role of business in our economic system as well as to prepare students for a more meaningful and beneficial interaction with business as citizens and consumers. Basic methods and record keeping procedures of a business are emphasized as well as the role of the computer in carrying out the various aspects of a business.
Microsoft Office

Grades 9-12, Credits 5.00
Students will become proficient in the use of the Microsoft Office package. This proficiency will help prepare them for an entry-level job in the business world, and/or prepare them for college by giving experience with these commonly used programs. Included in the package are the following programs: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. Throughout the year, the implementation and combining of all Microsoft programs will come into effect to produce creative and innovative projects.

Personal Money Management
Grades 9-12, Credits 1.25-5.00
Focuses on personal finance in areas of employment, money management, banking, investments, taxes, credit management, risk management, insurance and the stock market. Students will use electronic calculators, computer programs and the Internet.
Accounting 1
Grades 9-12, Credits 1.25-5.00
A skill level course of value to all students pursuing a strong background in business, marketing, and management. This course includes planned learning experiences that develop initial and basic skills used in systematical classifying, recording, verifying, and maintaining numerical data involved in financial and product control records including the paying and receiving of money. Accounting computer applications will be integrated throughout the course where applicable.
Accounting 2
Grades 10-12, Credits 1.25-5.00
Accounting 2 is designed to enhance skills learned in Accounting 1 by including special realistic business projects and simulations. This class is available to students desiring to further develop their accounting skills as applied to partnership and corporations.
Sales & Advertising
Grades 9-12, Credits 1.25-5.00
The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to many skills needed to function in the business and advertising world as both a consumer and as a potential businessperson. He/she will develop an understanding of our business system and the economic setting in which it functions. The student will also learn how to reach potential consumers through many types of advertising and how it has rapidly expanded in the past 20 years. The student will see how the connection between sales and advertising works through the eyes of the businessperson and consumer.
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Grade 10-12, Credits 1.25-5.00
Sports and Entertainment Marketing is a course that is designed for students interested in sports, entertainment and event marketing. Emphasis is placed on the following principles as they apply to the industry: branding, licensing and naming rights; business foundations; concessions and on-site merchandising; economic foundations; promotions; safety and security; and human relations. The industry is all around us; not just ballparks and theaters, but at schools, television, radio, in stores and on the Internet.
Marketing Education
Grade 12, Credits 1.25-5.00
Marketing Education is the required course to be taken to supplement Cooperative Education. The course will cover promotion, pricing, product planning, marketing management, and “marketing yourself”. In addition, the course will provide strategies for communication with customers, employers and co-workers and entrepreneurship as it relates to the current marketplace. The students have the opportunity to join DECA Marketing Club, a co-curricular club that lets students compete against various Marketing students throughout the state and country.