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Beginner ESL

Homework and Summative/formative due dates
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Text the number: 81010,  @kd82be
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Beginner ESL Period 2 use code: p6gjxs
Beginner ESL Period 3 use code: 37oo9o
Beginner ESL Period 6b/7a use code: 04no5xu
 9/13: Have all supplies for class
9/11: Bring in signed syllabus
9/12: Complete pages 26-28 in the activity sheet 
9/26: Extra Credit 
9/18: Formative assessment on unit 1 vocabulary
9/19: Complete homework: pages 4, 5 and 6 in activity packet
9/21: Test on consonants and vowels 
9/26: Test on Consonants and pronouns
9/26: Back to School Night
9/27: Complete first 2 pages in the verb "to be" packet 
9/28: Complete the questions from the movie "A Christmas Carol" (Ghost of present, past and future)
10/9: Complete page 25 in packet for homework
10/12: Quiz on Unit 1: pronouns, the alphabet, alphabetical order, contractions, affirmative and negative sentences, formulating questions and properly answering questions, specific vocabulary, long and short vowels, plural nouns, possessive nouns, has and have, and do + have form.
10/24: Parent Advisory Night!
10/30: Extra Credit
10/24: Rough draft of essay due by the end of the period!
10/25: Essay dues!
11/2: Vocabulary test!
11/5: Complete the first 2 pages of activity sheet on "conflict"
11/28: Complete the 2 assignments in Duolingo titled "intro" and "saludos" 
11/29: Extra Credit 
11/29: Quiz on The Nightmare Before Christmas
12/3: Complete topic sentence worksheet 
12/5: Duolingo assignment due PX50
12/10: Essays due tomorrow!
12/13: ESL Family Night!
12/13: Complete Cultural Flags 
12/20: Restaurant reviews due! 
1/9: Interviews due
1/9: Quiz on  Fact and Opinion
1/15: Extra Credit 
1/17: Pocahontas questions due 
1/25: Bring in Posters for project next week! 
1/31: Rough draft of essay due!
2/1: Essays due today! 
2/6: ESL Parent Advisory Night
2/8: NEWSELA article due!
2/11: Poster Due! Be ready to present on Thursday and bring your dish in!
2/21: Test on characters of Last of the Mohicans!
2/27: Vocabulary Test on Last of the Mohicans 
3/1: Advertisement Project due!
3/13: Vocabulary assessment 
3/19-20: Character analysis assessment : Quiz on direct and indirect characterization
3/29: All NEWSELA articles due today!
4/2: 6b/7a: NewsELA article due: American colonies 
4/4:Rough Draft of essay due 
4/12: American Romantic Hero Essay due!
5/7: All NewsELA article need to be completed! 
5/8: Quiz on chapters 3 and 4 in Holes due today! 
5/17: ESL Olympics!
5/20: Holes questions for chapter 11-14 due! 
6/10: Final Review has been posted in Google Classroom

4/13: Complete questions for chapter 1 of The Outsiders 
4/20: Vocabulary quiz 
4/27: Allusion quiz!
5/3: Quiz chapter 1-4
5/13: "Wanted Poster" due!
5/10: Chapter 6 questions due