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Advanced ESL

Homework and Summative due dates
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 9/13: Have all supplies for class
9/11: Bring in signed syllabus
9/12: Cultural flower due
9/12: Complete pages 81-82 in activity packet 
9/18: Formative assessment on unit 1 vocabulary
9/19: Test on infinitives, gerunds and participles 
9/26: Extra Credit
9/26: Test on: sentence fragments, common and proper nouns, subject and predicate, infinitives, gerunds, transitive and intransitive verbs, linking and action verbs, and types of pronouns 
9/26: Back to School Night
9/26: Complete the VocabularySpellingCity worksheet (adjectives and adverbs) 
10/3: Test on adverbs, adjectives, intransitive and transitive verbs, helping and linking verbs and transitions.
10/3: Transition Homework due!
10/24: Parent Advisory Night!
10/30: Extra Credit
10/9: Complete the 10 questions on subject-verb agreement 
10/12: Subject-verb agreement test!
10/18: Complete Step-up-to-Writing outline
10/22: Step-Up-to-Writing Assessment 
10/24: Rough Draft Due!!!! (Personal Narrative)
10/26: Essay due at the end of the period!
11/2: Vocabulary test!
11/5: Complete exercises 2 and 3 in "Making Inferences" 
11/21: Roots, suffix and prefix test!
11/29: Extra Credit 
11/19: Complete Test Review for roots, prefixes and suffixes 
11/28:Complete assignment on Duolingo titled "75XP Goal" 
12/5: Duolingo assignment due
12/3: Frankenstein plot diagram due
12/10: Complete the 1 metaphor you were assigned today in class! 
12/13: ESL Family Night!
12/13: Metaphor and Similes due!
 12/17: Rough draft for Frankenstein essay due!
12/20: Frankenstein essays due!
1/9: Propaganda and bias homework due!
1/10: Propaganda and Bias test!
1/15: Extra Credit 
1/24: Mood and Tone assessment 
1/25: Bring in Posters for project next week! 
1/31: Propaganda PowerPoint due 
2/4: Present Power Points 
2/6: ESL Parent Advisory Night
2/11: Rough draft of persuasive essay due at the end of the period! Counterargument not due yet. 
2/21: Rough draft due with counterargument! Bring in poster! 
2/27: Advertisement Poster Due! 
3/19: Rough draft of "I am Sam" essay due! 
3/29: All NEWSELA articles due today!
4/4: NewsELA article due 
4/8: Questions due for Chapter 1 "Of Mice and Men"
4/10: Vocabulary Test for "Of Mice and Men"
4/16: Chapter 2 Quiz on "Of Mice and Men"
5/1: Quiz on chapter 3 on "Of Mice and Men"
5/3: Essay outline due
5/8: Chapter 4 Quiz today on "Of Mice and Men" 
5/17: ESL Olympics!
5/22: Final assessment on Of Mice and Men 
6/10: Read chapters 7 and 16 of Into the Wild
4/10: Complete foreshadowing and flashback homework 
4/19: Quiz on chapter 5-6 of OMAM
5/8: Quiz on chapter 1-4 on Into the Wild 
5/22: Read chapter 8 of Into the Wild (be prepared for a quiz)
5/23: Vocabulary test from Into the Wild