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English 1

Homework and Summative due dates
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9/12: Have all supplies for class
 9/15: Extra Credit 
9/19: Vocabulary quiz/unit 1 Greek Mythology
9/22: Greek Mythology handout due
9/25: Plot diagram due
9/27: Test on reading strategies and author's purpose 
10/2: Textual evidence practice due! 
10/6: Textual evidence worksheet due. (STATE, CITE and EXPLAIN)
10/13: Quiz; Plot diagram Theseus and complete the Prometheus hand-out numbers 1-3
10/17: Context Clues due!
10/23: Arachne graphic organizer due! 
10/25: Answer questions 1-13 after you read Cupid and Psyche 
10/31: Extra credit!
10/31: Personal symbols due!
11/7: Test on context clues, symbolism, reading strategies and important vocabulary terms 
11/7: Reading Strategy homework due!
11/29: Rough draft of essay due!
11/29: Extra Credit 
12/6: 5 Speak questions due tomorrow! (only section 5b/6a)
12/8: Vocab quiz on Marking period 1 of SPEAK 
12/11: Questions for pages 22-30 due on Monday 
12/15: Speak quiz
12/19: Sentences due for homework! 
12/20: CCCC essay due! (SPEAK) 
12:20: Extra credit after school! 
12/21: Complete 6 questions from Speak for homework!
12/22: Complete questions for Speak on pages 65-74
1/3: Questions due for Speak pages 74-83
1/4: Questions due for Speak pages 83-92
1/5: Speak Test (Marking period 2)
1/9: Test on marking period 2 SPEAK with vocabulary
1/11: Period 1 Class code: r4ccsz
Period 5b/6a class code: 3dyrks
1/17: "I Know why the Caged Bird Sings" rough draft due
1/18: "I Know why the Caged Bird Sings" final draft due
1/22: Vocab sentences due! 
1/23: Speak questions due pages 104-113
1/25: 4 CCCC response due for article 
1/29: 4 CCCC response due on Speak Out article 
2/1: Speak test: MP3
2/6: Complete questions for pages 172-184
2/8: Write sentences for MP4 vocabulary terms
2/12: Questions for Speak pages 184-198 due!
2/13: Completed outline of essay due!
2/14: Speak final assessment
2/15: Speak final essay due
2/23: Advertisement assignment due! (Use at least 7 vocabulary terms) 
2/27: WebQuest due at the end of the period 
3/5: Period 1: Vocabulary homework due
3/6: Period 5b/6a:  Vocabulary homework due
3/6: Quiz on chapter 1 of To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM)
3/12: Read chapter 4 for homework (TKAM)
3/13: Quiz chapters 1-4  (TKAM)
3/16: Vocab quiz (TKAM)
3/19: Read chapter 8 in TKAM
3/20: Complete page 21 in the packet (Metaphors and Similes)
3/22: Finish reading chapter 9 in TKAM and answers chapter 9 questions in the packet 
3/26: Read chapter 10. Quiz tomorrow!
4/23: Final assessment on To Kill a Mockingbird 
4/26: Web quest due for Romeo and Juliet 
4/30: Prologue activity due: Romeo and Juliet 
5/4: Complete questions for Act I scene III in Romeo and Juliet 
5/10: 5b/6a Vocabulary quiz on Romeo and Juliet 
5/15: The 4 C's essay due for Romeo and Juliet 
5/22: Rewrite Act 2 scene 3 Romeo and Juliet 
5/22: Period 1: Complete questions from Act 3 scene 2
         Period 5b/6a: complete the activity on different types of love in the play
5/24: Complete questions for Act 3 scene 5 
6/5: Complete Act 5 questions 
6/5: Romeo and Juliet final essay due
6/6: Quiz on Romeo and Juliet movie