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Here you will find information about the team, and how you can participate in upcoming seasons.

Golf at Manchester is a Spring sport. In order for students to participate, they must complete a physical and be cleared by the Manchester nurse before the start of tryouts and the season.

Tryouts are held in March for Golf.
Reasons to play golf:
  • Anyone can play - Whether you have never held a club before or play regularly, it is a great sport to participate in which you can continue playing for your whole life!
  • Golf keeps your weight down - A round of golf walking can burn up to 1500 calories!  So no matter how bad you play, you win by getting healthy!
  • Golf reduces stress - After playing season after season of contact sports, like football, wrestling, soccer, basketball, etc. golf is a game where you can enjoy the company of your team, as well as the peacefulness of nature!
  • Golf is great for business - While you may not know where the future will lead you, many "deals get made on the golf course," doctors play golf when they are not working in the hospital, and almost all athletes play golf in the off season!  Best to know the basics before you play with business colleagues! 
All students must tryout for the team.

*****Physicals must be handed into the school nurse BEFORE tryouts.
For any additional information please contact the Head Golf coach, Coach Ickles (