The Technology Education program has as its primary purpose the preparation of students to live and work in a technological society.  The courses within the program are designed to educate all students, boys and girls, with regard to career opportunities, living and working with current and future technologies, and the changing workplace as we live in the 21st Century.


To compete in a global, information-based economy, the students we prepare must be able to solve real problems, reason effectively, and make logical connections.  The world of work they enter will feature products and factories that are designed by mathematical models and computer simulations, computers that control production processes and plants, and robots.  We need to develop people with the skills to develop and manage these new technologies.


The Core Curriculum Content Standards mandate that students will be able to develop original thoughts and ideas, think creatively, develop habits of inquiry, and take intellectual and performance risks.  Students are expected to recognize problems, devise ways to solve these problems, analyze the potential advantages and disadvantages of each alternative, and evaluate the effectiveness of the method ultimately selected.  This is the basis of technology education.


The various program areas provide practical experiences and a broad range of studies in the areas of computer programming, CISCO Networking, Television & Video production, Graphic Design, and 3D printing.  Each course will afford the student valuable experiences and insight into the technologies that will affect their adult lives.  Students will have an opportunity to explore a variety of areas within the fields listed above.  They will have an opportunity to work with the following high-tech equipment:  CISCO networking academy, raspberry/ astro pi electronics, Abode premier pro editing, digital electronics, computer technology, and desktop publishing.


The technology department is an integral part of our Inter-District choice program.  Students planning to go on for further training, studyies, or planning to enter the work force upon graduation can all benefit from the various courses in our program.


Supervisor - Mrs. Megan Ala

(973) 389-2860

Courses Offered
  • P.C. Graphics I
  • P.C. Graphics II
  • P.C. Graphics III
  • P.C. Graphics IV
  • Introduction to Computer Engineering
  • T.V. & Video I
  • T.V. & Video II
  • T.V. & Video III
  • T.V. and Video IV