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World Languages

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In the Manchester Regional High School, we prepare students for confident, meaningful interactions with people around the world in the target language. It allows the learners to compare their language and culture to that of others while making connections with other disciplines and current world events within our increasingly interconnected world. 




We believe that our students will benefit in their thinking skills by learning how a different language system operates, how languages influence one another and how different cultures express ideas. The acquisition of a second language is imperative in today's global society. The internationalization of the U. S. economy has made us realize that the knowledge of foreign languages and cultures is essential for success in the international marketplace. Therefore, our foreign language program reflects the needs of the global economy and the multicultural workplace. We focus our language instruction on communicative goals. The students are instructed through a proficiency-based communicative approach. Through hands-on experiences, students use the target language in everyday situations. The emphasis is on learning how to speak and how to understand the language. Five-year world language sequences are offered in Spanish, and French.


World languages are an essential part of the education of all students. The primary goal of a world language program is effective communication. Culture is also an integral part of world language learning. The World Languages Department of Manchester Regional High School offers students the opportunity to study the romance languages of French and Spanish. In order to graduate, all students in the class of 2016 and thereafter are required to complete 5 credits of a World Language. Any level of Spanish or French will satisfy this requirement.

World language courses must be taken in sequence and students can elect to test into a more advanced level.





Jonathan Banta, Supervisor of World Language



Courses Offered
  • Spanish I
  • Spanish II
  • Honors Spanish III
  • Honors Spanish IV
  • Honors Spanish V
  • French I
  • French II
  • Honors French III
  • Honors French IV
  • Honors French V