Manchester Regional High School

Manchester Regional High School Falcons

Superintendent Miguel Hernandez, Ed.D

Dear Parents, Students, Staff and Community Members,
Happy Spring! I hope the inclement weather days are well behind us. We have experienced some bizarre weather this past winter, from the freezing temperatures to the numerous snow storms. I guess the groundhog was correct in predicting six more weeks of winter!
Nonetheless, Springtime is here. April/May begins our annual state assessments for students in grades 9-11. We ask that you encourage your child to perform his/her best. Your support of providing positive encouragement, a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast go a long way in helping your child to perform at his/her very best.
In response to concerned students and parents following the recent school violence, I want to give you an overview of safety practices and measures that are carried out at MRHS to ensure a safe and secure building.
At our main entrance a security guard is trained to check in visitors on a specific system that runs driver’s licenses through a background check before they are allowed to enter the building. All visitors are given a paper name tag with their pictures on it. All doors are locked and secured and students and staff are taught not to answer the doors for visitors.
MRHS has many security cameras positioned inside and outside of the school building and administrators have the ability to check the cameras at any time. Staff and students are mandated by state statue to participate in bi-monthly drills to prepare for all scenarios in the school. We also work closely with the Haledon Police Department to ensure we are following the best safety protocols to keep our students and staff safe.
In the addition to the aforementioned, MRHS is pleased to announce the introduction of a pilot program, Report It, a free smartphone-anonymous reporting platform app that is all about helping to make our school community safer by allowing students and their families to share information anonymously and confidentially with school officials. By connecting students and their families directly to myself and other administrators, Report It provides an easy to use, anonymous and confidential tool that will help us work together to ensure the safety of our students and staff.
From any smartphone, users simply go to to download the app. The users answer a few simple questions and provide information as to the nature of their concern. Users can also attach a picture or video. The information provided and the incident Geo-Location data is sent directly to the appropriate school personnel for review.
I thank you for your continued support of the school district. For more information concerning MRHS activities and programs, please check the district website at or visit our social media pages at &