The arts are an integral part of one’s education and provide a rich and critically important forum in which students learn about themselves. Students learn how to relate aesthetic, emotional, and kinesthetic aspects of their lives to the world of school and life-long learning. Participation in the arts can make the future scientist, mathematician, researcher or lawyer develop the curiosity that inspires them to take risks that are essential for creativity within their field. The arts enrich the life of every individual, and music can provide a lifetime of joy.


Manchester Regional High School offers an extensive program in the performance and general study of music to achieve the Core Curriculum Content Standards and to accomplish three purposes:

  1. to encourage skill and technical virtuosity
  2. to provide cultural literacy
  3. to enable all students to fully develop as well-rounded individuals
Five credits in fine and performing arts are required for graduation, and all music courses satisfy this requirement.
Supervisor - Mrs. Megan Ala
(973) 389-2860
Courses Offered
  • General Chorus
  • Concert Choir
  • Band
  • Beginning Band
  • Beginning Band - Keyboarding
  • Beginning Band- Percussion
  • Music Theory