Business Education

The Business Education curriculum is designed to provide all students with basic business, economic, and computer competencies; to prepare the job-oriented students to fill a variety of business positions; to prepare college students to have computer and communication competencies; and to help all students better understand our economic system.


We live in an age of exploding knowledge and rapid change in technology, information exchange, and communications. The changes that are taking place in our society have increased the demand for internationally and electronically competitive workers and for an educational system designed to meet that demand. Because today’s students will be employed through the middle of the twenty-first century, they will need increasingly advanced levels of knowledge and skill. To gain and retain high-wage employment that provides job satisfaction, they will also need to continue to learn throughout their lives.

The Core Curriculum Content Standards expect students to develop skills in the use of information, up-to-date educational technology, and other tools to improve learning, achieve goals, and produce products and presentations. Students are expected to learn to develop, locate, summarize, organize, synthesize, and evaluate information. Students are expected to use technological tools, such as telecommunications networking, for problem solving, writing, and research.


Technology demands that our graduates be versatile in the business and academic world.  Computer literacy is one of the essential components. Another component is the contribution that business education makes toward an individual's personal, civic and economic well being. The business education curriculum provides a strong foundation of both skill competencies and global economics. Computer applications skills and social business classes create a composite curriculum that meets the needs of the students and communities which Manchester serves. The Business Education Department curriculum provides a comprehensive business background within the key areas of Marketing, Sales & Advertising, Accounting, Sports and Entertainment marketing, and Cooperative Education. The curriculum teaches skills for business and provides a foundation of educational research skills that can be utilized in other areas of the school, in college, in business and for everyday living.


For questions about the Business Department, please contact Mr. Jonathan Banta.  973-389-2861  
Courses Offered
  • Accounting I
  • Accounting II
  • Introduction to Business
  • Personal Money Management
  • Sales and Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing
  • Cooperative Education