Fine Arts


An education in the arts, an essential component of the 21st century curriculum, fosters achievement of personal, intellectual, social, economic and human growth. The visual arts help to develop students who are creative and innovative and who possess varied and powerful ways of communicating ideas, thoughts and feelings. Knowledge of the arts enriches understanding of the human experience across cultures and histories, provides valuable tools to enhance learning across all disciplines and empowers people to create, reshape and fully participate in personal and community environments, enhancing the quality of life for all.


The Art Department seeks to educate all Manchester Regional students, whether they are artistically talented, career-oriented, or casually interested art students. To meet a wide range of interests and abilities, the visual arts curriculum provides a wide variety of offerings. In addition, art students are encouraged to participate in various art shows and competitions held throughout the year. 


The Manchester Regional High School art curriculum addresses the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards. Hands-on problem-solving experiences develop the creative abilities and technical skills necessary for life and work in the 21st century. Studio-based method fosters higher-level critical thinking and production skills. Study in the visual arts teaches students to shape and build an aesthetically sound future in an increasingly complex technological society. The study of the visual arts also prepares them to participate in a culturally diverse society and to evaluate the human condition. 


All art students will develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the impact that art has on their lives. A student desiring to pursue a career in art will be provided with the necessary experiences. To assist juniors and seniors interested in pursuing careers in art, the Art Department offers advanced classes, portfolio development, and one on one teacher mentorships



                                              Supervisor - Mrs. Megan Ala

                                                    (973) 389-2860

Courses Offered
  • Art I
  • Art II
  • Art III
  • Materials & Design I
  • Materials & Design II