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 Dr. Tasnim Zakaria

Dr. Tasnim Zakaria


Dr. Tasnim Zakaria graduated from Manchester Regional in 2013, she completed her undergraduate degree at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ and earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She then went on to Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University for her Doctorate in Optometry degree.


  • What teachers at the time influenced you in a positive way?

Mrs. Russo was a great influence during my high school years. Knowing I wanted to pursue healthcare, I recognized the importance of my science-based classes and Mrs. Russo would always push me to challenge myself until I mastered each concept. I carried her teaching methods with me throughout my undergraduate and graduate degrees. Mr. Yob was another influencing factor in my four years. He taught me the importance of diversifying my experiences. He was a huge aid in developing my confidence, especially through participating in the morning announcements and open house videos. I have also carried those public speaking and communication skills with me throughout my personal career. He instilled in me the concept of having fun with everything that you do and I am forever grateful to have been surrounded by his positivity during my time at MRHS.

  • Why Optometry?

During my time in high school, I worked at a local eye doctors' clinic as a medical scribe for the doctor where I gained invaluable experience. I was so intrigued by the variety of systemic conditions related to the eyes including diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune and neurological conditions; the medical aspect was very compelling when I realized the job was so much more than just formulating a glasses prescription. One regular Tuesday at work, we diagnosed a patient with cancer just from their eye exam, and that was it for me- I began my application process the next day.


  • What did you enjoy the most about college life? Any advice to students who are going on to college or maybe exploring a career in the medical field?
Your college years are the most transformative years of your life. You truly gain your independence there and it's the first real step into adulthood. I loved the process of coming into my own and rebranding myself in a way. You can be anybody you want to be when you're starting a new journey and so I took it as an opportunity to construct the best version of myself. My advice to any students exploring a career in the medical field is shadow, shadow, shadow! It is so important to get hands-on experience in the field you are trying to pursue. Also, never say no to an opportunity that comes your way, you never know what will come of it. One small decision can change your entire life, and if it doesn't... at least you have a story to tell.