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Attendance Office

Please be aware of attendance procedures that can be found in the Student Handbook that each student receives. 

Parents/Guardians must notify the school regarding all absences by calling 973.389.2826.

When calling in an absence, be sure to include your student's full name, reason for being absent, and your relation to the student.

Each day, at approximately 10am, phone calls, emails, and text messages are sent out to the contacts of absent students when the school has not been notified of the absence.


Period 1 begins at 7:45 am.  Students are tardy when they arrive to class/school after the late bell rings.  Every three tardies to class = 1 Absence.  

Any time a student is at a doctor's appointment, a court hearing or other legal appointment, or at a college visitation, a signed note from the agency should be brought to the Attendance Office.   

Leaving Early:
When students know they are being signed out of school early, a parent note should be brought to the attendance office.


A student who is absent without the knowledge and consent of his/her parent, a student who leaves school after arriving on campus without the knowledge and consent of the school, and/or a student who is consistently absent from school (more than ten times during the school year) is considered truant. Truancy is cause for disciplinary action, and can result in a municipal court claim when the student is under 16 years of age.

Anticipated Absences:
Any time students are going to be absent for an excessive amount of days, they should obtain work from their teachers or request work through the Guidance Department.