Principal John Coviello

Principal John Coviello
Principal's Message
Dear Parents and Guardians,
The 2022-2023 school year has arrived! A year that will usher in new opportunities for learning, growth, and making new friends. We have spent over two years working together to combat a global pandemic. I for one am very optimistic that we are now putting that major concern more in the rearview mirror so we can focus more of our attention on the road ahead. Rest assured, it is a road that is paved with endless opportunities and advances such as our new turf field and lights, lighting upgrades within the school, and future projects that include renovation of our performing arts spaces as well as central air conditioning for every room and space at MRHS. It continues to be a great time to be at Manchester and I remain incredibly proud to be the Principal of a school that never stops finding ways to offer you and your child the best experience in the state. I am thankful for your partnership and appreciate you and your child in every way. 
With that said, I urge you to keep participating in your child's education in any way that you can. Partner with us to enjoy our wide array of co-curricular activities and support your child in her/his academic endeavors. It is the people that give life to a school experience. Working together I know we will continue to offer your child the best experience possible! 
Thank you for your time and partnership! 
John Coviello
Manchester Regional High School
“The secret of education is respecting the pupil.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson
                                                                   "Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow!"