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Ms. Disney Honored as Educator of the Month for January

The MRHS Leadership Team is proud to honor Ms. Karissa Disney as the Educator of the Month for January. Ms. Disney is a respected member of our Faculty as our one and only English Language Learner (ELL) teacher. She devotes additional time to facilitating evening ESL classes for community members and is leading our new trip to Paris for our students. Ms. Disney also works with others to facilitate ESL Family nights and is a major asset to all English language learners at MRSH. Congratulation Ms. Disney!
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Science Club Trip to iFly.

Science Club was able to go to iFly on March 5th. Students were able to learn about the different forces during skydiving, the surface area ratios of good flights, and how the wind tunnel works. They were then able to jump into the wind tunnel with a flight instructor and simulate what an actual skydiving experience would feel like. The students had an amazing time!
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Freshmen SLAM Lockers To Bring Awareness

Ms. Hughes’ Freshman classes supported The NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking’s January 11th Awareness Day with a Locker Slam. Students spread the word against human trafficking by “slamming” student lockers with magnets provided by the NJCAHT. MRHS is one of 30+ schools across the state to participate in this important day. Students also viewed a live feed event via Facebook that addresses this very serious issue. The program will also be posted to be watched at any time on Facebook@njhumantrafficking and Instagram@njhumantrafficking.
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Delayed Opening

Due to inclement weather, MRHS will have a delayed opening today, Friday, March 1. Homeroom begins at 9:30 AM. Please be safe.
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Book Club Reads Gabi a Girl in Pieces

The MRHS Book Club recently read, Gabi a Girl in Pieces, and met to discuss it on January 23rd. The group really liked this novel about a girl named Gabi Hernandez who shares all the drama and events that happen throughout her senior year in high school. The next club read is The Scorpio Races, a Printz Honor book by Maggie Stiefvater. The meeting will take place on February 27th.
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Music Theory Class Designs Instruments

Mr. Merino’s music theory class designed and built musical instruments using materials such as PVC, wire hangers and duct tape. The students worked in teams to make precise measurements and calculations to produce the desired musical pitches of each instrument. The students proudly displayed their finished products, which included pan flutes, fifes, wind chimes, and percussion instruments.
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