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Strategic Plan Session 1 Meeting Notes

P.C. Manchester Regional High School District Is Creating a New Five-Year Strategic Plan
The 3D Strategic Planning Process:  Dream, Determination, and Destiny by Design

Session 1: What Are the Strengths, Achievements, and Challenges of the Manchester Regional High School District? 
On the evening of October 13, 2021, Commissioners of the Board of Education, parents, community leaders, school district administration and staff, current students and alumni came together to initiate strategic planning for the district.  The first evening’s topic was focused on the current strengths and achievements of, and challenges and opportunities facing, the Manchester Regional High School and the school community.
We began the process with an overview of the state of the district as presented by Superintendent Gary Lubisco, Jr. Following that, the purpose and methodology of creating a new Strategic Plan for Manchester was presented to the participants by facilitators Kathleen Helewa and Matt Lee of the New Jersey School Boards Association.
We then gathered in five small groups to identify the strengths and points of pride in our district and community, and to brainstorm what opportunities and challenges the school district faces.  Each group identified their “top 10” (or thereabouts) list of strengths and challenges for the district, which were then shared with the large group of all participants.  Underlying all of our work is the District’s Mission Statement.   
The information that follows is the work of the small groups. As discussed with the meeting participants, all meeting outcomes are listed in this memo and will be posted on the District website for the wider community.
Group 1
•    Staff camaraderie
•    Quality & cohesion & collaboration amongst all involved (ex:  staff members dedicated to this school)
•    E-sports will help students feel included and have a place they fit in & role they feel
•    Strong Vo-tech diversity & acceptance & tolerance
•    Facility well kept
•    We prepare all kids regardless of educational achievement for all possibilities
•    Equity for all
•    Military career opportunities
•    Enthusiasm and energy
•    School safety – stronger security & protocol, security & admin team super involved, teachers involved
•    CTE career/tech education
•    Recognizing that not all students are college-bound
•    Cisco/Oracle – why not push that for those kids?
•    gave up programs to Vo-tech
•    Opportunities to explore
•    Sports and activities during year – keep kids busy
•    Shared time for tech training
•    Cooperation with tech
•    Vo-tech not accessible to our kids
•    Staff diversity
•    Facility – we need to improve
•    Bringing community together to support school – align vision
•    Encourage military -> Career  / college
•    Military opportunities/experiences; push for higher level careers

Group 2
•    Location/opportunity
•    Small school
•    Family atmosphere
•    Choice program
•    Academics
•    Teachers
    • Low turnover
•    Student Diversity
•    Student support for higher learning
•    Location
•    Missed opportunities
•    Big School Appeal
•    Funding $$$
•    Electives
•    State Test Scores
•    Regional School
•    Communication between resources offered
•    Number of students permitted for choice program

Group 3
•    Small personalized school
•    Staff
•    Robotics lab – job opportunities
•    Technology & innovation
•    Resiliency (staff, students, community)
•    Family feel
•    Success stories of MRHS grads
•    SEL services
•    Students accepted to variety of colleges
•    Negative reputation within community
•    Accomplishments understated
•    Media access
•    Test scores
•    Community involvement
•    Aging infrastructure, curb appeal
•    Sports
•    Hall of fame (academics)
•    ADA compliance
•    CTE career/college readiness
•    21st century skills
Group 4
•    The esthetic of facilities
•    The latest technology
•    Teacher & Staff relationships with students
•    Academic caliber of MRHS students
•    Ethnic diversity
•    Students’ talents
•    A portion of parents are pleased with MRHS
•    Core community working together to improve MRHS
•    Dispelling the bad “reputation”
•    Fix/Improve the school culture
•    “Competition” with other schools
•    Getting feeder communities “together”
•    More public, focus of students’ accomplishments
•    More community events at school
•    “Meeting” parents – cultural/language barriers
•    Parents’ jobs/time constraints to attend evening meetings
•    Positive communication about clubs between students

Group 5
•    Caring staff
•    Spirit
•    Diversity
•    Acceptance
•    “Small” school
•    Sports
•    Clubs/activities
•    Rich History
•    Alumni
•    Motivation
•    Perception 
•    Barriers interfering with Equity
•    Post-secondary planning
•    Need to expand programming
•    Staffing (certificated)
•    Socio-economic differences among towns

After sharing our small group results with all the evening’s participants, all were thanked for their wide-ranging contributions and collaborative work.   
Our next meeting is set for Tuesday, October 26, at 7pm in the Innovation Center. Check-in will begin at 6:30pm and dinner will be available.  We will engage in a Visioning Activity to help refine our collective vision for the Manchester Regional High School District, which promises to be a truly fun exercise!   We strongly encourage all to bring a friend to our next meeting.  New participants from all facets of the community are welcome at all three Strategic Planning meetings. Student participation is especially appreciated!
The P.C. Manchester Regional High School District Board of Education and Administration greatly appreciate your participation in helping to create a roadmap for our district for the next five years.  We look forward to working with you at our future sessions! 
We look forward to seeing you for our next two Strategic Planning meetings, October 26 and November 18, 7pm in the Innovation Center.  Attend with a friend!
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Our Mission Statement
Manchester Regional High School personalizes the learning experience of each student while providing authentic opportunities for effective peer collaboration, critical thinking, and the solving of practical problems to ensure college, career, and life readiness. Manchester Regional High School provides all students with the technologies, real life skill sets, and professional tendencies to achieve their highest potential in the global community and economy.