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Strategic Plan Session 2 Meeting Notes

P.C. Manchester Regional High School District
Is Creating a New Five-Year Strategic Plan
The 3D Strategic Planning Process:  Dream, Determination, and Destiny by Design

Session 2: What Is Our Vision for Manchester Regional High School? 
On the evening of October 26, 2021, Commissioners of the Board of Education, students, parents, community members and leaders, school district administrators and educational professionals, came together to continue strategic planning for the District. The evening’s topic was our unfettered aspirations for the Manchester Regional High School and its students. 
After warm welcoming remarks from Board President Valdo Panzera and Superintendent Lubisco, Kathleen Helewa of NJSBA recapped for the group the purpose and methodology of creating a new Strategic Plan for the District.   We then were asked to imagine—what if, in five years’ time, at the maturation of the strategic plan we are creating, Manchester Regional was a nationally-recognized high school district for providing an outstanding education for its students?   What if the national media was writing about Manchester so public school districts nationwide could emulate what happens here?    
We discussed the literacies of 21st-century learning (financial literacy, social-emotional wellness, civics, technology, et al.), and the “4Cs” – Critical thinking (problem solving), Communication (understanding and communicating ideas), Collaboration (working effectively with others), and Creating (producing high-quality work). We also looked to the District’s Vision Statement to note the values and aspirations that inform what underlies 21st-century learning in Manchester Regional. 
We then gathered in four small groups to “write” a news article that would detail our hypothetical success. The groups were asked to come up with a title for the article and determine key points for the article. In this exercise, we were asked to disregard any real-life restrictions that could be barriers to achieving our visions for MRHS. Groups used a consent process, and were randomly assigned and adjusted for a balance of stakeholder viewpoints.
The information that follows is the work of the small groups. As discussed with the meeting participants, all meeting outcomes are listed in this memo and will be posted on the District website for the wider community.
Group 1
Title:  “MRHS unveils the BIGGER picture!   EVERYONE makes an impact here!” 
Key Visions: 
  • Hands-on learning experience
  • Career planning opportunities
  • Embracing and respecting diversity
  • Embodies school spirit and PRIDE
  • EVERYONE is collaborating as a cohesive, efficient, and transparent group. 
Group 2
Title: Untitled
Key Visions:
  • Moved away from traditional punitive action and incentivizes students instead with field trips where students can be with peers and teachers in a controlled setting. And a wide variety of electives that students can choose from.
  • All fields and grass are all thick and maintained and standing water areas are eliminated and insect population decreases.
  • Utilizing campus.  Possible with sports bubble.
  • Students are offered healthy snacks after schools, before extra-curricular activities and sports.
  • Renaissance Cards that bolster town businesses and restaurants.   Food delivery for high GPS students once a month.
  • Food court-type environment in cafeteria.
  • Flexible school start time for students and teachers.
  • College-type schedule / teachers can have time to drop children off at school. 
Group 3
Title:  “Where Falcons Soar!  Visions for the Future! ” 
Key Visions:
  • A place for everyone
  • Emphasizing the great that comes out of Manchester
  • Connected to the community more
  • Social media highlighting student activity
  • Connecting community facilities with the school
  • Embrace small school environment
  • Self-sufficient students
  • Equity for all students. Different support varying on the student.
  • A positive connection with support staff and students
  • All three communities support the school
  • Full collaboration from all the communities 
Group 4
Title:  “MRHS, giving students the opportunity to become global visionaries” 
Key Visions:
  • CTE—coding/gaming, esports, graphic design
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Future Ready
  • Soft skills—customer service, people skills, communication, work force training, public speaking, adaptability
  • Alternate / flexible scheduling
  • Certificate programs –phlebotomy, medical billing
  • Collaboration with business and community partners
  • Exchange program / global citizenship
  • Student-centered electives
  • Expand programming 
After the small groups shared their work with the large group of all participants, robust discussion ensued about shared visions and the common themes that were emerging in conjunction with the work from meeting #1.   We agreed that the following themes would be appropriate goal areas for Manchester Regional High School District’s new five-year strategic plan:  
  • Curriculum and Instruction / Teaching and Learning
  • Facilities
  • School District Culture and Climate and Community Engagement
All present were thanked for the excellent work and courageous conversations, which will serve to push MRHS and its students into a successful future.  
Our next step is to use the work from our previous two meetings to write draft goal statements and supporting objectives for Manchester Regional’s new strategic plan.  Participants will self-select the group and goal area in which they would like to work. Our third and final meeting will take place on Thursday, November 18, at the Innovation Center.  Pre-registration will not be necessary.  Check in will begin at 6:30pm, and the program will begin at 7pm. Dinner will be available.   
The MRHS Board of Education enthusiastically is giving all stakeholders the ability to use a consensus-based process to chart the District’s course for the next five years.  This is an authentic opportunity for all voices connected to our school to be offered and listened to.   Returning and new participants from every facet of the Manchester Regional community are welcome at our final meeting.  Student participation is especially appreciated!  
The P.C. Manchester Regional High School District Board of Education and Administration greatly appreciate your participation and good work in this crucial endeavor.  We look forward to seeing you at our final meeting.  

Please plan on joining us for our final meeting on November 18, beginning at 7pm in the Innovation Center. Attend with a friend!

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