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Strategic Plan Session 3 Meeting Notes

P.C. Manchester Regional High School District
Is Creating a New Five-Year Strategic Plan
The 3D Strategic Planning Process:  Dream, Determination, and Destiny by Design

Session 3: Drafting Goals & Objectives for our Strategic Plan

On the evening of November 18, 2021, a cross-section of our stakeholders—students, community members and leaders, parents, educators, school district professionals and administrators, and Commissioners of the Manchester Regional Board of Education--came together at Manchester Regional High School for our final strategic planning session. Over the course of three meetings, our work delineated the strengths and challenges of the school district, our unbridled visions for Manchester for the next five years, and finally, translated that work into draft goal statements and supporting objectives for the new Strategic Plan.


After a warm welcome from Board President Valdo Panzera, we recapped the outcomes from our second meeting, which established three goal areas for the new Plan. Reviewing the full outcomes from the first and second sessions, we individually parsed the data points from the “Strengths & Challenges” and the “Visions” and categorized the data into the related goal areas. As a large group, we reviewed the process for writing a broad, overarching goal statement and supporting objectives. Participants then broke into small groups, one per goal area, with each individual self-selecting the group in which to work. Using a consensus process, the small groups employed the data points and their own individual awareness and expertise to write draft objectives and a goal statement for their goal area. That work was reported out to the large group at the end of the evening, to the great satisfaction of all assembled. Superintendent Lubisco and Kathy Helewa of NJSBA, who facilitated the process, explained how this work would be used to help create the final document of the new Strategic Plan.


Following the evening’s work, Superintendent Lubisco and Board President Panzera offered sincere and hearty thanks to all involved.


On the following pages is a summary of that work.


Goal #1: Curriculum & Instruction / Teaching & Learning

Goal Statement:
To develop and enhance learning opportunities to support and grow 21st

century learning skills.



  1. Utilizing technology to expand and enhance AP & Associate offerings.

  2. Create and re-establish partnerships to provide students with valuable authentic

    learning opportunities outside the school.

  3. Redesign School to Career Program to facilitate post-secondary success.

Goal #2: Facilities

Goal Statement:
To create and improve state-of-the-art performing arts, athletic, and

instructional spaces to serve the needs of all students and the communities.




  • Cafeteria spacing
  • Amphitheater
  • Develop an Esports Facility
  • Make track up to state/county standards
  • Updated concession stand
  • More sport practice areas
  • Install Elevator
  • Updated locker rooms
  • Department offices
  • Temp Regulation *HVAC*
  • M-Wing!!


Goal #3: Culture, Climate, and Community

Goal Statement:
To strengthen our diverse climate and culture through positive connections

and collaborations for students, staff, parents, community partners, and all stakeholders.


Goal #3: Culture, Climate, and Community



  1. Examine systems for dialogue and communication, make them more efficient and productive.

  2. Emphasizing, highlighting, and celebrating student achievements on a daily basis.

  3. Address parents and students language and cultural barriers and develop a family


  4. Make student resources more attractive and available to students.

  5. Develop and implement a flexible start-time and flexible academic schedule.

  6. Redesign policies and protocols with staff and student input and feedback, especially

    disciplinary systems to ensure they are consistent and effective (at reducing the unwanted behaviors and increasing desired ones).

Next Steps


The above Goal Statements and Objectives will be used directly to create the P.C. Manchester Regional High School District’s Strategic Plan for the years 2022-2027. Superintendent Lubisco will review all of the above work to create a plan ready for Board approval with assistance from Mrs. Helewa. The plan will be printed in document form by the New Jersey School Boards Association, and will be delivered to the MRHS Board of Education for formal acceptance and vote at a BOE meeting in the near future, date to be announced. The Administrative Team, led by Superintendent Lubisco, will develop action plans for all areas of the Strategic Plan over the next five years. The Board and Administration will rely on the new Strategic Plan when setting annual District and Board Goals.

It has been a pleasure to join such a dedicated group of individuals who so ardently support the students and stakeholders of Manchester Regional High School. Certainly the unique plan that results from all of your good work will productively guide the District well over the next five years, in alignment with the community’s vision for its students. The dedication and passion of the Manchester learning community is exemplary. We look forward to seeing Manchester flourish under the new Strategic Plan.


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